Primary Care Physicians for adults and adolescents

What is a Doctor of Internal Medicine?

Doctors of Internal Medicine specialize in adult health care, and are often referred to as "Internists" or "General Internist".  They are Primary Care Physicians for adults/adolescents and are often referred to as the "doctor's Doctor." Internal Medicine physicians have had special training in the prevention of disease and promoting wellness in adults.   They have the expertise to diagnose and treat simple, complex, chronic and even multiple medical conditions.

About Our Practice

At Internal Medicine Associates of West Plano (IMAWP), we pride ourselves on the way we deliver healthcare to our patients. Sick appointments are available on the same day or the next. Reception room waiting time averages 15 minutes, and only one patient is scheduled per time slot. Your time is as valuable as ours. We offer the type of Primary Care every patient expects and deserves.

Darshan K. Kapadia, M.D. founded the practice at Presbyterian Hospital of Plano in 1991. Neha V. Dhudshia, M.D. joined him in 1995. Together, they specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of Hypertension, Diabetes, Cholesterol/Lipids, Allergy, Asthma, and Thyroid Disease. Both physicians have a special interest in Preventive Cardiology and Wellness Care, and specialize in chronic disease management. We welcome patients ages 18 and older.

All our patients are seen and treated directly by the physicians; No physician extenders (e.g., Physician Assistants or Nurses Practitioners) are utilized in our office at this time.

Come visit our office and allow us the privilege to provide you and your family incomparable healthcare. At Internal Medicine Associates of West Plano, quality and personalized healthcare are not a thing of the past. Experience the difference at Internal Medicine Associates of West Plano.

Office Procedures

Comprehensive Physicals
Diagnostic Evaluation

Medical Conditions Treated

Heart Disease
Gastrointestinal Disease
Thyroid Disease
Same Day/Next Day Sick Visits


We participate in several insurance networks. Please check with our office to verify our participation with your insurance plan.

Out of Network/Self Pay

For those who choose to see us out-of-network or are self-pay, we welcome you. Since many insurance plans have high deductibles and payments are required at the time of service, the difference in cost of seeing an out-of-network versus an in-network physician is minimal. We are trying our best to help you select the physician of your choice.